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Smart solution is the latest technology that empowers many businesses to make them profitable and consistently reliable. Those smart technology solutions are based on the latest cutting edge technology that make people's life easier and upgrade their living standards. Accessing those state of the art technology has been difficult for our people for so long for different reasons. Lack of foreign currency, shortage of expert professionals and hassle to communicate with foreign people due to language barriers to mention a few. Hence, Ashewa Technology is striving to solve and address those problems to make our people's life easier and prosperous.

To enable this we have the best professional software developers on staff with the various tools and smart technologies required to create high-quality software. We excel in agile software development methodology and use vigorous software testing tools to check the quality of the product before delivering it to our clients, depending on the type of software to be built. Right now, we are providing smart ERP, smart site - builder, smart school management system and many more including demand based software projects.

Our Products

Smart ERP

ERP software provides a fully-integrated, intuitive platform through which you can analyze, monitor and conduct data-driven tasks. ERP systems collect, store and gauge data across all departments to ensure seamless communication within your organization. Working from a single source of information reduces discrepancies along with the associated errors and costs. Read more.

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Site Builder
Build your stunning company or personal website like never before!

This premium sitebuilder is developed and provided by Ashewa smart solutions services that is being empowering many businesses and startups across Ethiopia. The smart sitebuilder is a dynamic website builder with no time. You can build your personal and/or company website with no limits. Ashewa smart solutions provides it with the most affordable price options for users. Read more


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Smart School Management System

A school management system is a platform designed for the digitization and automation of an educational institution's various academic and administrative operations. Such software will play an important role in a school's data management system, allowing jobs involving bulk data management to be completed effortlessly and flawlessly. Read more.

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Demand Based Software Projects

Demand Based Software Projects are projects that companies request with their specific requirements that require high-level design, development, and deployment.Read more.


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And many more other products as customers need!

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Why Ashewa Technology ?

With Ashewa Technology custom web development, you can now get unrivaled quality, experienced system development, and international web development standards at very reasonable prices.


Experienced Team

Our team consists of dedicated system developers who have created Native and Hybrid mobile apps for enterprises, startups, and agencies. Our experienced team provides cutting-edge and efficient solutions.



We create user-friendly systems and mobile apps with high scalability, attracting more users and, ultimately, more business leads. According to market trends, our team believes in developing more user-friendly apps.



We can create service layers on top of accessible backend systems to combine them, or we can build SOA-based middle tiers to leverage different backend systems or heterogeneous databases


Worldwide Approach

We think globally but act locally. We convene you to determine your requirements. This global/local approach has proven to be the most resourceful and fruitful for all parties involved.


Project Delivery

With our development team, we communicate and work together to achieve a common goal: to make a client feel at ease and confident in our services. These authenticity enable quick implementation and results.

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What Makes Us Different ?

100% Transparency
Throughout the app development process, you will be kept informed. Our mobile app developer will make certain that your valuable inputs and directions are taken into consideration in order to create an impeccable and superior app.
100% Confidentiality
You can be confident in the confidentiality of your information. We have the resources and technology to keep your data and other important information safe and secure.
Deployment in a Stipulated Time-Period
We understand your need to get your app live as soon as possible in order to gain a competitive advantage. We are a leading web and mobile app development firm that delivers and deploys a fully functional app within the time frame specified.
A Happy & Content Client List
Since our inception, we have served many clients from all over the country who are pleased and satisfied with our valuable and comprehensive desktop, web, and mobile app development services.
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